Letter Writers Alliance

November 4, 2011 § 9 Comments

Look what I received in the mail!

Inside was my welcome package from the Letter Writers Alliance!

Including the way cool LWA stationary


and my official Letter Writers Alliance membership card.

After deciding to start Scribbling Glue, I did some research, knowing I’d find other websites and blogs devoted to letters and other forms of slow communication.  When I read the LWA’s Mission, I recognized that I was already embracing it:

In this era of instantaneous communication, a handwritten letter is a rare and wondrous item. The Letter Writers Alliance is dedicated to preserving this art form; neither long lines, nor late deliveries, nor increasing postal rates will keep us from our mission.

As a member of the Letter Writers Alliance, you will carry on the glorious cultural tradition of letter writing. You will take advantage of every opportunity to send tangible correspondence. Prepare your pen and paper, moisten your tongue, and get ready to write more letters!

So, I indulged myself and joined.  At $3 for a lifetime membership, it seemed like the best bargain of the week.  (I splurged and treated myself to the stationary, too.)  The moral of the story is this: sometimes fun is the only reason you need for doing something.  :)  Make sure you’re having fun in your own special way this week!



§ 9 Responses to Letter Writers Alliance

  • Ruth Stilitz says:

    Great stuff Annie. I have been experimenting with more pen to paper playful this week myself as I was a bit post-challenge exhausted. I really, really like the little note you left for your post run friend.
    R x

    • Annie says:

      Thanks, Ruth. I understand the feeling of post-challenge exhaustion and hope your pen to paper playful has been relaxing and refreshing. I bought myself a new pack of markers recently and it’s been great fun playing with them. I doodled up a number of designs before creating the one I’m currently using as my blog header. I was as pleased with the process as I was with the end result — win-win!

  • janinevasta says:

    Gorgeous Annie! Thank you for sharing your discoveries. Making marks on paper in your own hand and sending them in an envelope you’ve touched and sealed and stamped and posted yourself feels like such an intimate thing to do in this day and age. Jx

  • Sally says:

    You inspired me to send a hand-written “thank you” note to someone today. An email would have been faster and more efficient, but not half as much fun or as satisfying.

    • Annie says:

      Yay! There’s something especially great about handwritten thank you notes. Even if you write the exact words you would have put in an email, taking the time to hand-write them communicates an extra level of appreciation, I think. And you put it nicely — “fun” and “satisfying” really sum up the experience of sending a heart-felt thank you.

  • Nina says:

    Hello! Did the membership come with a postcard and patch? Just wondering! Do you have your old membership card or did you replace it with the new one?

    • Annie says:

      Hi, Nina! I’ve been a member for five years and I don’t remember all the details of what came with the welcome package. Currently, it looks like membership gets you a membership card, welcome letter, member postcard, and badge, as well as access to the members-only part of the website. My membership card is the original one I received, so if it’s changed in the past five years I’m still old school.

      • Nina says:

        I’m a member, actually. I joined in June 2016. I was just curious what the first membership package contained. Haha. Thanks!

        • Annie says:

          Ahhh! :) I bet if you asked Donovan or Kathy, they’d be able to provide a historic evolution of the membership package.

          And welcome to the Alliance!

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