Legacy of Letters

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lakshmi Pratury neatly sums up how I feel when she says:

I’m all for email and thinking while typing, but why give up old habits for new?  Why can’t we have letter writing and email exchange in our lives?

Like pretty much everything else in the world, it’s a matter of finding the balance that works for you.

And I love what she shared about the handwritten legacy she received from her father.  There is something about the tangible nature of scraps of paper that doesn’t, for me, have an electronic equivalent.  Have you ever visited a famous place and had the experience of realizing that you are in the same space where history was made?  That always makes me feel like I’m seeing the past from a slightly different and more personal angle.  The physical connection just makes it more real.  With letters, knowing what I hold in my hands was touched by the person who sent it is just as cool as realizing that Frederick Douglas, Shakespeare or the Marquis de Lafayette most likely stood exactly where I am standing.

Thanks, Mom, for sharing this video!


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