National Letter Writing Week

January 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

I just learned that this week is National Letter Writing Week.  I admit, I had been unaware that such a week existed.  Now that I’m in the know, it seems fitting to celebrate.

Join me?



§ 5 Responses to National Letter Writing Week

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  • would it be possible to welcome in a further National Letter writing week (pen to paper) approx 6 months on~ say later in July/August … only post New Year Celebrations in early Jan seem to take over this side of the world ~ apart from focussing on trying to keep cosy and survive the winter weather … Yet.. being awaken by the early dawn chorus of birds and the long summer nights with colours of nature abound… it seems more conducive to sharing thoughts in a special personalised letter… Just a thought .

    • Annie says:

      It is an excellent thought! The sights and sounds of nature do have a way of stirring up thoughts and creativity. In the time since I wrote this post, I’ve learned that there are other letter writing celebrations throughout the year. A sampling:

      A Month of Letters was launched in 2012 by Mary Robinette Kowal who wanted to encourage people to slow down and enjoy the process of writing and receiving letters.

      (U.S.) National Card and Letter-Writing Month is an annual initiative declared by the United States Postal Service to promote literacy and celebrate the art of letter-writing.

      International Letter Writing Week takes place during the week that includes October 9th, the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal Union.

      And, of course, any time of year is ideal for a letter writing social. Check out the Letter Writers Alliance’s World Wide Letter Social Calendar. I think a Long Summer Nights Letter Social could be a real hit!

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