Sunday 7: That’s Not a Tea Cup, It’s a Post Office Box!

March 18, 2012 § 4 Comments

My husband is not a letter writer.  He does not own stationary or letterhead.  When the rare occasion arises that he has something to mail, he does not have stamps on hand.  And yet, he gets it.  He writes me presents and he leaves me everyday notes.  It makes my day whenever I find one.  And not knowing where I’m going to find one is part of the fun.  So, with full credit to my own sweet love and the intent of inspiring you to write and hide notes of your own, I present:

7 Places to Post Your Hand-Delivered Missives

Some notes need to be passed directly from the hand of the writer to the hand of the recipient.  Others need to be highly visible so they are seen as soon as possible.  But others are less time sensitive and those are the ones that can be delivered via a wide array of objects, repurposed as personal post offices.  If you’re looking for a place to post your latest scribble, here are a few locations to consider.

1. A lunch box:

2. A tea cup:

3. A pillow:

4. A being-read book:

5. The refrigerator:

6. A laptop:

7.  The dining room table:

There are so many words, which can be tucked into so many places, to let someone know you love them.  Don’t stress over finding the perfect turn of phrase.  Keep it short and sweet, tuck it somewhere it will be found, and know that you will make someone’s day brighter and more interesting.  Love is an everyday thing, so put your words out there instead of saving them for a special occasion.

Don’t get stuck thinking love notes are just for significant others.  Next time you visit your mom, a dear friend, a favorite uncle, or anyone else who you just adore, take a tiny love note and–when nobody is watching– slip it into the silverware drawer, hide it under a jar of nails on the workbench, or prop it on a windowsill.  When you head home, you’ll do so knowing that someone you love will soon be making an unexpected and delightful discovery.


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