Postcards Seeking Adventure: Adopt One Today!

April 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

Yesterday I received an unexpected piece of mail from PostMuse.

Post Muse Envelope

When I opened up the gorgeous envelope two things happened.

First, I was tickled to discover that it was made from an old calendar page (note to self: spend some time making envelopes), which made the back of the envelope make sense.

Second, I was reminded that, in fact, this was an expected piece of mail.  I had offered to adopt a couple postcards from PostMuse’s Orphaned Postcard Project and she had sent them my way.

If you haven’t heard of this project, here’s the gist.  Several years ago, PostMuse decided that she wanted to do something above and beyond accumulating dust with her enormous postcard collection.  So, she created an amazing database to inventory her collection and invited people to adopt postcards that they relate to in some way.  I trolled through the list, found two that appealed to me, and sent her an adoption request.  Now that they have arrived, it’s my job to write and mail them back to PostMuse.  One more way to achieve Action #7 for 2012.

Intrigued?  You, too, can adopt postcards and be a part of this neat project!  Even if you’re not interested in participating, take a look at the Orphaned Postcard Project blog to see a selection of the postcards that have been sent out, had a postal adventure or two, and returned with stories to tell.


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§ 4 Responses to Postcards Seeking Adventure: Adopt One Today!

  • PostMuse says:

    Thank you for posting about OPP and the envelope! I wasn’t 100% sure my envelopes would travel well, but it looks like this one held up great! And fair warning … envelope making can make an entire evening disappear very quickly. It is a very relaxing, rhythmic task and you just get lost in it.

    • Annie says:

      The envelope held up wonderfully! I can definitely see how envelope making takes on a life of its own…perhaps I’ll throw an envelope making party and pull some other people into the process.

      • PostMuse says:

        An envelope making party would be so much fun! And so very useful … get all those old maps out of the car and make them into envelopes! And the “Hello My Name Is” labels make great address labels :-)

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