Put It on Your Calendar: Type-In & Letter Writing Social

September 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Back in January, I decided I wanted to do less just thinking about doing things and more actually making them happen.  I even made a list of ideas to bring to life in 2012.  I’m am thrilled to announce that #2 on my list, hosting a letter writing social, is going to be checked off before the end of the year!

Lindsay Lusby, the mind and hands behind Thread Lock Press and the blog-keeper at Goose Hill, recently inquired if I might be interested in co-hosting a type-in.  I asked if she might be open to making it a type-in and letter writing social.  A flurry of emails ensued and less than 48 hours later we had a date chosen and a location booked!  The moral of this story: bouncing ideas around can result in  fun, creativity, and new adventures.

The details of where and when:

Not only are we wildly excited about hosting the type-in and letter writing social, but it’s going to be a First Friday event, which means there will be lots of people meandering downtown looking for interesting things to do.  They might not yet know that they are letter writers or typewriter aficionados, but we’re going to give them a chance to discover it.   Added bonus: we’re staging Type-In Type-Out at Evergrain Bread Company, which fully deserves the Best Bread on the Eastern Shore award it recently won and is home to a brand-new shiny espresso machine.

Hooray!  This is going to be so much fun.


For more information about letter writing socials, visit the Letter Writers Alliance.  Kathy and Donovan, who get the credit for putting this idea into my head, have put together tips and ideas for planning and hosting letter writing socials.

For more information about type-ins, ask Lindsay–she’s the typewriting part of this equation!  Find her at Goose Hill or join Thread Lock Press on Facebook.


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§ 2 Responses to Put It on Your Calendar: Type-In & Letter Writing Social

  • PostMuse says:

    Oh my goodness! If I didn’t have to work on that Friday, I’d get up early and make the 6 hour drive from Pittsburgh to attend! I am looking forward to the post-social post :)

    • Annie says:

      How sweet of you; I wish you could make it! I’ve been so taken with the idea of a letter-writing social since discovering LWA last year, but I’ve never attended one. I wanted to go to the one held at the National Postal Museum in April, but the logistics didn’t work out and I couldn’t make it to Harrisburg this past weekend either. So, Lindsay and I might be putting together a new flavor of social, but you can be certain I’ll report back. :)

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