July 15, 2014 § 10 Comments

On Saturday I bought peaches at the farmers’ market.  They were juicy ripe and everything fresh local peaches should be.


When I approached White Marsh Orchard‘s table, I was surprised to be greeted by name.  This isn’t an unusual occurrence in my small town, but I didn’t remember the orchard owners knowing my name last summer.

Then she said, “It was so lovely to get your note,” and he chimed in, “Really thoughtful of you.”

And I suddenly remembered that last fall, when reflecting with some sadness that peaches wouldn’t be in season again for many months, I had been inspired to look up the orchard’s address so I could write and say how much I enjoyed their peaches all summer.  I’d signed my name, of course, and made mention of my red market basket so they’d have a clue who I was.

They clearly figured it out.

We talked a couple minutes about our mutual appreciation of both peaches and real letters.  It got me thinking (not for the first time) about making the choice to express appreciation and what a positive impact it can have.  As a result, I’m challenging myself to write more notes of thanks for the little things that make life better.

What are you enjoying these days?  Do you ever send unexpected thank you notes?


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§ 10 Responses to Peaches

  • How auspicious that you shared this. I feel like I’ve just discovered peaches this year and can’t get enough. Are they better than ever? Or is it just finding a long lost love? And, yes, I stockpile the cool thank you cards from Trader Joe’s and send them at whim. (Not sure if that’s grammatically correct.)

    • Annie says:

      Peaches have long been a favorite of mine, so I can’t say if they are better than ever. I’m impressed and delighted by them every year!

      I am not a bit surprised to hear that you are a thank-you-card-on-a-whim type, Barbara. I’d imagine there’s a high correlation between those who live joyful lives and those who express appreciation.

  • Sally says:

    Last Saturday, I bought my first-of-the-season peaches from Charlene at the farmer’s market in St. Michaels. Holy smoke! I’m milking them–if that’s possible with a peach–and can’t wait to buy more on Saturday.

  • Pam Foster says:

    What a wonderful story!

  • Jen says:

    It’s not coincidence that I cooked the crumble in time for your arrival. I knew you would enjoy and appreciate it as much as I did.

  • Mrs. Duffy says:

    Oh wow! What an encouragement to send notes. Without that note they might not have remembered you let alone know your name. Thanks for sharing.

    • Annie says:

      Thanks for reading, Mrs. Duffy. :)

      Because I write and receive letters regularly, I sometimes forget that personal mail is an unusual thing for many people. The conversation I had with them about letter writing reminded me that a) I’m lucky in mail and b) writing notes really does create points of connection.

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