Banana Love Notes

August 28, 2016 § 6 Comments

Over the past few months, I’ve received a series of love notes written on bananas. They cannot be tucked away and saved, so I have photographed them for continued enjoyment. For you inspiration, here is a small sampling.

I’m all in favor of creative celebrations of love. Have you ever received a love note in a form that delighted you as much as the message? Do you consider good nutrition an act of love? Will you now be writing someone a banana note?


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§ 6 Responses to Banana Love Notes

  • Sally says:

    I love these!

    • Annie says:

      Me, too. The first one was so unexpectedly delightful that my reaction bordered on swooning, which seems to have inspired a love note trend. :)

  • Rusty StoneZebra says:

    Oh how adorable! I’m sure I would have swooned too at such sweetness. Your photography of each one is fabulous. Is the love note writer also the person who gave you that amazing mailbox?! Wow!!!

    • Annie says:

      Indeed, he is – my husband knows the way to my heart!

      Thank you for the photography compliment! At first, I just took pictures of the bananas, but then I decided to play around with adding in other breakfast table elements. Credit where credit is due: the flowers were also from my husband who brings tiny pieces of my garden inside to brighten my mornings.

  • jenclair says:

    I need fresher bananas–the current ones are going into banana bread! Got your letter, Annie!

    • Annie says:

      Several bananas with notes are in my freezer for next time I make banana bread, because I didn’t eat them in time. I’m not sure the notes will be legible when I pull them out again, but I’m certain the banana bread will be extra delicious thanks to the added love.

      Glad the letter arrived safely!

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