Mail Art Dabbling

September 4, 2016 § 10 Comments

There are some truly spectacular mail artists in the world.  Me? I’m more of a creative dabbler.

Recently, I’ve tried my hand at a couple projects inspired by tutorials generously shared by Lindsay at The Postman’s Knock.  Lindsay’s examples are gorgeous and precise.  My creations are rather more wobbly, but it’s such fun to play!

If you look at Lindsay’s How to Draw Lace tutorial, you can see that she has worked with great care and achieved a very balanced design.  In contrast, if you suspect that I did not follow the direction about using a ruler to measure the spacing of the ovals (or anything else), you would be correct.


My Hand Drawn Frame attempt turned out more true to the original.  I used the ruler this time!  I wasn’t sure how the envelope at hand would take watercolors, so I jumped right into bold color at the start.

TPK2Regardless of whether my attempts look like the original example, when I make mail art, my goal is to create something that didn’t exist before and enjoy the process.  Achievement unlocked!

What about you? Have you dabbled creatively recently?


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§ 10 Responses to Mail Art Dabbling

  • Jen says:

    “Wobbly creative” is an apt description of how I cook. Consult recipe for proportions and general idea. Adapt as necessary to accommodate which ingredients are on hand and what I feel like doing. Cross fingers.

    • Annie says:

      Jump in and experiment is pretty much the heart of being creative, isn’t it? Some results are better than others, but you refine and tweak until you until you have a new go to dish that gives a passing nod to the original recipe, but is truly your own delicious creation!

  • G.G. Andrew says:

    So pretty! I love these.

  • Sally says:

    Love that bold color! I’d say that my most recent wobbly creative project is this summer’s vegetable garden. It’s gone crazy, and absolutely makes me smile every single day!

  • jenclair says:

    Oooh! I love mine! And there is a letter on its way to you, as well. I’m a dabbler and an experimenter who wishes I were an artist, but has fun regardless!

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