Scribbling is what you do when you dash off a quick letter.

Glue is for sticking things together and making connections that last.

Combine the two and you have Scribbling Glue, a celebration of how handwritten letters, jotted notes, and scrawled miscellany add to the forces of good at work in the world.  Who knew that your own pencraft, chicken scratch, calligraphy or giffonage–as the case may be–could be so powerful?!

Scribbling Glue is all about wanting to connect with other people.  You don’t need to be artsy, gifted with words, or sentimental.  Anyone can do it!  Just make a note, pen a letter, or scratch a few lines.  Then stick it in a lunchbox, wedge it in a door, slip it under a windshield wiper, or drop it in the mail and make someone’s day.

Need inspiration?  Not sure how to start?  You’ve come to the right place.  Scribbling Glue is here to start a revolution and inspire people to connect with each other through the simple act of scribbling.

Slow communication.  It’s a good thing.


Thoughts? Please share!

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