Shining with Delight: Mail Call Follow-Up

October 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Because joy is a thing best shared, I’m passing along a follow-up on the call for cards for Miss Phoebe’s 100th birthday.  Her birthday was a few days ago and, as of yesterday, she had received 99 cards – and not just received them, but received them with delight and appreciation at being made to feel so special.

Cheryl reports that some of the cards decorate the walls and the rest are tucked into a special new box which is brought out for all visitors to admire.  To quote Cheryl, Miss Phoebe is “shining with delight” over the cards.  Thank you to all my readers who took the time to add to her happy glow.

More opportunities to make people glow with the joy of letters are on the Scribbling Good page. Happy letter-writing!


Champion of Postal Cheer, Acts 2, 3 & 4

December 3, 2013 § 10 Comments

I have a collection of things that are waiting to be glued.  Not broken items waiting to be fixed, but bits and pieces waiting to be cobbled into something new.  More accurately, I have several collections of such things: canceled stamps, old photos, quotations cut from magazines, pages from books that have fallen apart, scraps of colorful paper, fabric remnants, buttons.

Sometime in October, I covered the floor with several of these collections (there is, again, a sewing machine on my desk) and plunked myself down in the middle of all the possibilities with glue stick in hand.  Over the course of several days, I made about two dozen cards.  I used a couple to write to friends, but most I bundled into sets to be given as gifts.





This weekend I put the sewing machine to good use and made a scarf.


Between the cards and the scarf, I’ve checked off nearly everyone on my Champion of Postal Cheer project list — hooray!  What’s my next project?  I’m not certain.  Janice MacLeod, the artist behind Paris Letters, recently wrote about her November Nurture project and it sparked a couple possibilities that I’m considering.  What creative projects–letter-writing or otherwise–are you enjoying these days?

Dabbling in Making Stuff

August 4, 2012 § 5 Comments

I am more a writer than an artist.  I still marvel at how illustrators, comic book artists, and others with that incredible set of spacial-visual skills can replicate the same character repeatedly.  My own forays into art tend to be one-off creations and it’s not uncommon for me to feel like I don’t quite manage to capture how the idea looked inside my head.  But I like making stuff.

Here are some of my recent creations:


Cutting and pasting is just my style.  What’s yours?

Easy-Peasy Occasional: Scribbled & Glued Greeting Card

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to Scribbling Glue‘s very first Easy-Peasy Occasional!

What is an Easy-Peasy Occasional?  So glad you asked!  Sometimes the hardest part about trying something new is not knowing where to start, which can lead to not starting at all.  So, I’m going to occasionally share some simple ideas based on what I’m sending out to people.  Each EPO will be a mini-project that can be accomplished in a short amount of time without any special supplies or skills.  My intention is not to provide a step-by-step cookie cutter craft, but to offer ideas that will hopefully spark your imagination or inspire you to give something new a try.

An Easy-Peasy Occasional: Scribbled & Glued Greeting Card

Here’s what you need:

  • a greeting card (Note: don’t go buy a new card!  You can reuse one that was sent to you, re-purpose a left over holiday card, use one you got as a “gift” for donating to an organization, find one for 10¢ at a thrift store, or choose one you bought ages ago but have never found a reason to send.)
  • scrap paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a pen or marker

It doesn’t get any easier than this!  First, a card is small, so you don’t need to write much.  Second, it doesn’t matter what kind of card it is, because you’re going to cover up any parts you don’t like.  Third, you can play and be creative even if you’ve talked yourself into believing you don’t know how to make things.  Take a look and how simple it is!

Go ahead and try making a card even if you’re thinking, I am not artistic.  I can’t make things.  Why do I say this?  I know for a fact that YOU are creative.  I really mean it.  You may not have an outlet for it right now (or you might be so accustomed to your own brand of creativity that you don’t realize you’re being creative), but everyone has some creativity bouncing around inside.  Consider this Easy-Peasy Occasional an invitation to let it out!

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